Why Awkwardly Naked?

Turning a mindset into a business.

I receive a lot of questions paired with inquisitive looks about my company name. “What is it?”, “Why Awkwardly Naked?”, “Where did it come from?”, and “What does it mean?” etc.; well kids, hop on the train, I’m taking you for a ride!

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It all started at an early age…

Awkwardly Naked (AN) dates way back to my late high school/early college days. During this time, electronic music was becoming more prominent. Fewer artists were playing instruments on stage, and it didn’t feel organic enough for me. I wanted to create a space for the artists, the poets, the finger picking songwriters to thrive. I didn’t want real music to die; not that electronic music isn’t real. I personally am more drawn to the humming of a string than a midi keyboard set as any instrument. The original idea stemmed from this feeling of wanting to create a space where stripped down music thrived.

Punk Goes Acoustic was a major influence for me. Taking these big, aggressive, emo songs and making them sound beautiful. Sometimes you didn’t understand the artistry to these bands until they stripped away the punk and left these rough dudes naked with their feelings laid out for everyone to see. Teenage Jess was all about cute bad boys feeling their feelings. How do I embrace that? Well, I told myself if I was successful in the music industry, I would one day build a place to embrace that scene. Using my connections, I would get bands to play a stripped down, intimate set in a way you normally wouldn’t have the ability to see/hear.

At 17 years old, I had hand drawn my logo taking the first step to creating something real. At this time, I didn’t even plan to go to college but I knew I wanted to create this unknown business of mine. Subsequently,  I continued down the road gathering a variety of professional experiences which in short turned into what we now know as the actual AN.

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